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Google Workspace - Closure of NEOMED Domain

Guidance regarding closure of Google Workspace for Education and email/data transfers

Managing Focused Inbox for Outlook

How to enable and disable the Focused Inbox feature as well as configuring it to organize your messages appropriately.

Microsoft 365 - Authentication - Common Login Error Messages & Solutions

Common error messages received if login attempts to NEOMED Microsoft 365 applications are unsuccessful. Solutions are listed below each error message.

Microsoft 365 - Outlook - Add Calendars to Your Mailbox

How to Add another calendar to your MS Outlook Mailbox

Microsoft 365 - Outlook - How do I update my password in Outlook for Desktop?

You changed your NEOMED account password successfully but are not getting email in the Outlook desktop application.

Microsoft 365 - Outlook - Mail Forwarding

Instructions to forward or stop forwarding email via Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 - Outlook - Not Receiving or Sending Emails

Not receiving any emails in a while, email not loading, or having trouble sending emails out? This article includes troubleshooting tips for Outlook regarding receiving and sending emails.

Microsoft 365 - Outlook - Setting Up Your Mobile Mail App with Modern Authentication

To ensure that your NEOMED email is set up with a newer authentication method on your mobile device.