Microsoft 365 - Outlook - How to view the members and owner of an Email Distribution List

Before You Get Started

  • These instructions apply to distribution lists in the global address book (lists that have their own email addresses). This does not include contact groups in your own address book.
  • Some mailing lists are dynamically maintained based on the data in Banner. Other mailing lists that were created by an individual and need to be manually maintained as individuals need to be added or removed from the list. If you have questions, submit a Help Desk ticket.

To View Members of a List

  1. Open Outlook for Desktop
  2. On the ribbon of the Mail tab, click on the Address Book button. The Address Book should open in a new window.mailribbon

3. From the Address Book list, select Global Address List.

global address list

4. Enable the ability to search full names and email addresses by clicking on the More columns option.


5. In the Search field, type the name or email address of the list you own and want to modify. Click Go.


6. Select a distribution list from the search results.

7. Double-click on the list to view membership and other properties of the list, including the owner.

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