Service Catalog

Categories (13)

Account and access requests, such as password help, multi-factor authentication (MFA) issues, VPN, locked/disabled accounts, system access permissions, and other related requests.

Project Requests
Software Evaluations (Technical Assessments)

- Banner support (including timesheets)
- Reporting or data extract request
- Microsoft Office or Office 365 apps (OneDrive, Groups, Teams, SharePoint)
- Point of Sale (CBORD or Booklog)
- Pinnacle
- B-Line
- Other

- Computer quote, computer or accessory purchase
- Hardware setup, configuration or troubleshooting
- Desktop software support
- Virus issues
- Computer imaging
- Computer loaners
- Testing laptop support or configuration

- Email client support (Outlook)
- Report suspicious email (PHISH, SPAM, Virus)
- Mailing lists
- Room and department calendar setup
- Mailbox restoration

- Network connectivity issues, port installation and repair
- Wireless
- Blocked websites

- Phone installation/removal, moves, issues or questions
- Voicemail setup, issues or questions
- Conference call setup, issues or questions

Also includes support for PaperCut and badge pairing

**Note that machine functioning issues or supply orders should be reported to Graphic Enterprises using the information on the label on the front of the machine**

- Shared folder setup or access; Folder or file restore

Assistance with setting up email, changing passwords, etc.

• Classroom Technology Maintenance and Support
• Meeting Room and Event Technology Support
• Mediasite Support
• Echo360 Support
• File Uploads/Recordings
• Training

Support for Canvas, Zoom, Ditto, Turning Technologies (Clicker), ScreenCast-O-Matic, Qualtrics and Testing