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Mobile printing allows you to print from any device (phone, tablet, laptop, MAC, …) without having to install PaperCut.

Note: Finishing options are limited to basic options such as # of copies, color/not and single or double sided. Printing multiple pages per sheet can be accomplished if you have the ability to format your document that way prior to sending it to the printer.

Options for mobile printing within PaperCut:

Tip: If you are using the Outlook app and trying to print a Word/Excel/PowerPoint attachment, you will need to open the attachment using the corresponding app (Word/Excel/PowerPoint). The Print option will not be available from the Outlook preview mode.


  • You must be connected to faculty/staff or the whales wireless network.This will not work if you are connected to Guest.
  • The printer name should be Follow-You.



A comparison of the options available with PaperCut can be found at:

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