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Follow-You printing allows you to print to a holding area, then walk to any printer, swipe your badge to log in, and release your print job. This could be helpful:

  • As a “secure print” feature if you are printing something confidential
  • If you are printing on special paper – you can load the paper, then release the document
  • If your copier is down or in use – you can print and release somewhere else


The only setup required is that you add the Follow-You printer as another printer to your computer. Once you do this, the Follow-You printer will be available along with any other printers you have on your computer.


To add a printer:

  •      Windows: Adding or Removing a Printer (Windows 10)
  •      MAC: If you need assistance, please contact the Help Desk. Because there is no standard configuration and there are several variables involved, it is difficult to provide instructions that would work for everyone.


Once you add the Follow-You printer, make sure you select that printer when you print (or set it to be your default printer).

You should get a pop-up indicating that the document was sent to the Follow-You queue.



When you walk up to the printer and swipe your badge to log in, your print job queue will automatically display where you can select the job(s) to release for printing.

Tap the Print button (or the trash can if you want to delete).


**Note** Print jobs are held in the queue for 72 hours. After 72 hours they are automatically deleted.




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