Connecting/Disconnecting to the NEOMED VPN (Palo Alto GlobalProtect)

Steps to Connect

Before connecting, make sure you have your registered method (i.e. mobile device, hardware token) nearby to respond to the MFA prompt quickly when needed.

  1. For devices with the GlobalProtect system already installed, the GlobalProtect icon should be in your system tray (right side of the taskbar.)
  2. Right-click on the icon and choose Connect.
  3. A login window will then appear on your device.
  4. If prompted, you may need to enter the NEOMED portal, which is
  5. Additionally, you may be prompted for your NEOMED email address and password.
  6. You will then be asked to send a MFA prompt to your registered MFA method. Click Send Notification to send the prompt.
  7. Your registered MFA method will receive the MFA prompt. Please respond to the MFA prompt in a timely manner (otherwise you will need to resend the MFA prompt.)
  8. After responding to the MFA prompt, the login/MFA window will disappear and then the GlobalProtect application will finish its connection.

To connect to NEOMED shared folders once you are connected to the VPN:

Steps to Disconnect

Always disconnect from the VPN when not using it to do work at NEOMED.

  1. Right-click the GlobalProtect icon.
  2. Click Disconnect.
  3. After some moments, the GlobalProtect application will reflect your disconnection.




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