Installing VPN - PaloAlto GlobalConnect (MAC)

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**Note** If you are a new employee, or you've never requested access to the NEOMED Virtual Private Network (VPN), you will need to submit a request via TeamDynamix requesting an account for the service: VPN Access Request

**Note** To install the VPN client on a NEOMED owned device, you will need to bring the device to the Help Desk, or submit a TeamDynamix ticket so appropriate authorization can be provided: VPN Install Request

From your favorite web browser go to

If you have a problem loading this page, make sure that you requested and were granted vpn access per the Note above. If you have done that and you are still having issues loading the page, it is likely that the DUO prompt is waiting for your approval.

Log in using your Microsoft 365/Active Directory login and password.

Click the MAC download link and use the screenshots below to help guide you through the installation:

If using Mozilla you may see this screen first click save file then go to the doc and click on the GlobalProtect.pkg



*This is the password your mac users when you are first logging back in when you restart or when you are trying to install new software.

For most mac users the field user name will already be populated.

Enter your username/password ...  

Again using your Microsoft 365/Active Directory login and password ** see password note below

Portal is

**To update your password click on the global connect icon in the top status bar and select show panel to enter your new password.

Success window

You will then need to allow the Palo Alto Networks extension.



To Connect to the VPN:

Click on the green globe found in the top navigation bar:

Click connect - when connected the globe will just be green (no red x) **A DUO prompt will automatically be sent to your phone/fob - make sure you have your device handy to respond to the prompt quickly. (Fob users: Remember to enter using the format: password,pin)

If you need to access the NEOMED Shared Drives: Connecting to the NEOMED Shared Drives - MAC 

To Disconnect from the VPN:

You should always disconnect from the VPN when not using it to do work at NEOMED!


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