Microsoft MFA and SSPR - Set additional authentication methods

It is strongly recommended that you configure additional authentication methods (referred to as security information). This will enable you to utilize other methods in the event your default/secondary authentication methods are unavailable.

To add additional authentication methods:

  1. Login to your NEOMED account’s security info page at
  2. Select + Add method in the Security info pane.

  1. Select an available method to add from the drop-down list and following the on-screen instructions. For further assistance, please refer to the following Microsoft articles:
    1. Set up security info for an authenticator app.
    2. Set up security info for text messaging.
    3. Set up security info to use phone calls.
    4. Set up security info to use an alternate (non-NEOMED) email.
    5. Set up security info to use pre-defined security questions.
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