Resources for New Employees (Faculty/Staff)


The first time you log into your computer, use the predefined, default password provided. Once you log in, you will be prompted to change your password.


Listed below are hyperlinks to the main resources available to NEOMED employees. Links to these resources are also available on the NEOMED website at:


Microsoft 365 - email, calendar, collaboration tools

  • Microsoft 365 Portal ( Access to webmail and all of the Microsoft 365 apps - including Office online, which is Excel, Word, PowerPoint online (similar to Google docs).

For more information:

  • Email: You can access your email via the Outlook app on your computer or via the Microsoft 365 portal. The first time you log into Outlook on your computer, you will be prompted for your username and password. Follow the prompts and Outlook will configure and open.

**As a reminder, NEOMED provided storage (shared folders, OneDrive, etc.) are meant for work-related (not personal) documents.



Adding a Printer


Pairing your Badge to Copy/Print - in order to make copies or scan to email, you must log into the printer/copier. You can enter your username and password on the copier keypad or you can also pair your badge to the machine so you can log in via swiping your badge. Click here for instructions on the 1-time process required to pair your badge.


Wireless Networks - faculty/staff (for faculty and staff), whales (for students) and guest


NEOMED Help Desk Client Portal - self service Knowledge Base and Help Desk ticket entry


NEOMED Intranet - internal portal for accessing employee forms, documents, etc.

Refer to the Information Technology site for information on IT policies, the wireless networks and password guidelines


Banner Self Service - access to timesheets, pay stubs, etc.


NEOMED Success Center - Learning and Performance Management via Cornerstone

  • Contains instructions on how to enter or approve timesheets, how to use your phone, and many other new employee training documents and online training courses available to employees

Click Browse for Training, then look under the HR Employee Orientations Subject

Look under other Subject areas for additional online training modules available

  • Also allows employees to enter Goals and track progress, complete mid year and annual reviews.


RAVE Alerts - NEOMED system for emergency communications and other important messages sent via email or text.

Whale Card- Link to add funds to your badge which offers you an employee discount when used for purchases in the Bistro, Cafe Clark and the Nook.

Application Navigator- Access to Banner Admin, Evisions (Argos, FormFusion and Intellecheck) and Banner Workflow. If you will be using Banner Admin, click here for a few helpful resources for new Banner users.

PeopleAdmin- Recruiting and application processing.


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