I Changed my Password and Now I Can't Log into my NEOMED Device

This article relates to trouble logging into the computer itself - for example, when your screen locks, or when you first boot up your computer.  For help with issues logging into a specific NEOMED system, please see After You Change Your NEOMED Account Password.
  1. On the log in screen, disconnect from WiFi/Internet.
  2. Use your old password to log in to your computer.
  3. Log in to the NEOMED VPN with your new password.
  4. Lock your computer screen (CTL+ALT+DELETE on Windows; CTRL+CMD+Q on MAC).
  5. Unlock your screen using your new password.
  6. Lock and unlock your screen a second time, using your new password.
  7. If you are still unable to login to your computer, please create a ticket with the NEOMED Help Desk.
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