ApplicationXtender 16.3 New Features, Tips and FAQs

Below are the new ApplicationXtender (AX) 16.3 features:

  • Browser-independent: All browsers work with AX 16.3, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Add documents to AX by simply dragging-and-dropping.
  • For those who scan documents, the Document Manager client installation is no longer required. Only a plug-in called Captiva Cloud Toolkit is required. Access AX by going to the menu and clicking on the ApplicationXtender chicklet.
  • Text Search: New querying feature allows you to search documents by specific text.
  • Page Preview: Preview your documents from the query results screen.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: The “?” key now displays a list of shortcuts related to each screen.
  • Recently Viewed Documents now display on the main screen allowing you to see (or open) documents that you've recently viewed. Just double-click to open them from this list.
  • Customized Querying: Easily adjust the look-and-feel of your query results by hiding columns, reorganizing columns, and more.
  • Page Rotation: If you have Xtender admin privileges to documents, you can rotate pages and save them.
  • Mobile-friendly: AX is now fully functional on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Inactivate Users: Xtender administrators can now activate/inactivate a user account, eliminating the need to delete an AX account in order to deactivate it. This feature is good news for work study accounts and other seasonal accounts. No longer need to delete the Xtender account in order to inactivate it.



  • Drag and drop: If you import documents into Xtender, the drag and drop capability will be very helpful. Just drag a file from your desktop or File Explorer window into the Xtender New Document window. The following message will appear where you can indicate whether to insert before, after or append:

You can also drag and drop a document into an existing document that is opened.


For those who scan documents:

  • To log into the ApplicationXtender web client, a new chicklet is available on the (or appstest) menu.
  • The list of applications only includes the application name (ex. B-F-DOCS), not the name and full description (ex. B-F-DOCS - Banner Finance Purchasing / AP). Following is a list for reference:
    • B-F-DOCS - Banner Finance Purchasing / AP
    • B-F-ID - Banner Finance Common
    • B-G-ID - Banner Common
    • B-H-ID - Banner HR Common
    • B-S-ADMN - Banner Student Admissions
    • B-S-CRSE - Banner Student Course / ID
    • B-S-DGRE- Banner Student Degree
    • B-S-ID - Banner Student Common
  • If you see the following message, click Continue

  • Keyboard shortcuts - press the ? on your keyboard to get this list:

  • To access Help, click


  • To log out, click:
  • To scan a new document, make sure your scanner is turned on then:


Click the Select Scanner icon (on the right) to confirm your scanner settings:

You will see the following message - click to Allow access to the scanner. You may get an additional prompt to select the scanner driver software to use.

Click the Scan icon (on the left) - or use the Ctrl+Alt+S shortcut key to start the scan.

The following message will pop up when scanning begins and it will disappear once the entire document is scanned.

The scanned document will appear along with the indexing window, where you type in the Document ID, then select the Document Type (as in previous versions).

  • If you have enabled scanning and the scanner icon is still grayed out, try clicking the Add Page icon first.
  • If you are creating a batch, the batch description is now displayed on the batch list. In previous versions, this didn't display anywhere.
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