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Account Setup

  1. Account creation is completed by Turning Technologies
  2. Email class roster to Turning Technologies using specified form provided by Turning Technologies
  3. Students receive clickers during PF 1
    1. If a faculty member then setup new account at https://account.turningtechnologies.com/account/
    2. Enter NEOMED email and select create account
    3. Go to email and click verification link— sometimes this takes a while
    4. Once they click account they fill out first/last name and school information
      1. Very important that the instructor chooses instructor role, so they have access to the downloads features
    5. Once account is created they can login and access the downloads
    6. From here access the staff intranet for all setup documents.

Changing the Channel

  1. On the clicker select channel button
  2. Type in the corresponding channel number provided in each room
  3. Select channel again
  4. Begin use

Registering New Device

  1. Should only be used if a clicker is lost/broken
  2. Students log in online at https://account.turningtechnologies.com/account/
  3. Login with NEOMED credentials and select account
  4. Add new device by typing in the clicker on the back of the new clicker.
  5. Delete the old clicker


  1. Download at app store, the play store, or access online at https://responseware.com
  2. Log in using NEOMED credentials
  3. Once the app is active it will prompt a room key
  4. Each room is listed as followed (subject to change)
    1. rdec
    2. leibelt
    3. newcenter
    4. meshel
    5. olson
    6. rdec
    7. trainingroom
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