Printing from a USB drive on the Konica Minolta printer

Insert a USB memory device into the USB port (close to the front panel) of the machine

Swipe your badge (or manually log in) in order to see the files on the drive.

Tap to choose Print a document from External Memory

Tap to select the file you want to print and tap Print. You can tap to select more than one file. Tap on a selected file to de-select it.

**Acceptable file formats for printing are: PDF, Compact PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS, Compact XPS, OpenXML (.docx/.xlsx/.pptx), and PPML (.zip) format

**If you are prompted for your username/password, enter it and tap OK. The C454 (larger) models require an additional login.

Set print options if necessary.

Press the Start key

When printing is complete, remove the USB memory device from the port of this machine

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