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Address Counties are important pieces of data that are used in many different reports. In order to help ensure completeness and accuracy of this data, the following process has been put into place.

  • A Banner job (GWPZIPV) is scheduled to run on a regular basis (it is currently run weekly, but may be changed to monthly). This job attempts to automatically update missing counties, however some cases cannot be programmatically determined and must be reviewed and entered manually.
  • The job creates a file of what was changed and another file that contains what needs to be manually corrected. These are saved in the BannerData/General folder:


  • The files contain data to indicate whether the constituent is a Current Student, Employee, etc. They also contains the Address type and sequence number. This allows the correct office to update the information based on record ownership and data stewards.  



  • In the above example, Thomas is an active Employee and Vendor.  Because the Address type is PR, it should be updated by staff in Human Resources.  If the Address type was AP staff in Accounts Payable would make the correction.

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