Installing and Using the PaperCut Client

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PaperCut Client Install

The PaperCut client must installed on your computer ONLY if you need to specify different indexes for printing. Without the PaperCut client, your printing index is determined based off of your primary job in Banner. Most users will not need to install PaperCut.


To install PaperCut, follow the instructions below. If you need assistance with the installation, use this link to open a ticket: Software Install Ticket.

  1. Go to \\papercut\PCClient\win (or mac) - run client-local-install.exe

  1. Click Next


  1. Click Next


  1. Click Next


  1. Click Next


  1. Click Finish


  1. Enter your NEOMED username and password, then click OK.


Changing the default printing index

Once PaperCut is installed on your computer and you are activated for printing account selection under PaperCut by Accounting or the Help Desk, you will receive the Print Job Notification pop-up window when you print.

**If you have PaperCut installed, but are not getting this pop-up, contact the Help Desk**

  • Charge to my personal account will use your default index (based on your primary job in Banner). If you never print to your primary department index, you will not see this option.
  • Charge to shared account using PIN / Code will allow you to type the desired index (and activity code if specified).
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