Success Center Single Sign On Error

Check for the following conditions:

1. They must be a paid employee.

Volunteers, students, student workers, etc. are not set up by default with access to the Success Center. However, if they have required safety training, a special account is established by EOHS/HR and they use a different URL and username/password to access the system. (**Note that this link is different than what employees use for single sign on). From here they are instructed to use their NEOMED username for the Cornerstone login username. Refer to the Word document attached to this article for a copy of the instructions that EOHS sends via the Cornerstone automated emails.

They should contact HR for the default password that has been established or if they are using this link and the correct credentials, but are still not able to log in.

2. They MUST have an Office 365 account and their CAMP email must be marked active and preferred in Banner. HR should also confirm that their email address is correct in Cornerstone. There have been cases where the email address wasn't entered into Banner initially, which caused the employee to go into Cornerstone, but without a proper email address. HR should be notified to correct the email address in Cornerstone.  

3. If they are still having issues check to make sure their account is not locked. If they are using a shared computer have them clear their cookies and cache (Success Center allows you to check stay signed in, if you do this on a shared computer it can result in a mismatch while doing SSO) or try a different browser.

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