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The Clause Entry Form (FOACLAU) is used to create or maintain standard clauses to be used on requisitions, bids, purchase orders, blanket orders, change orders and vendor agreements. Below is an example of how to add three lines to the "Agreement Clause":

If you know the clause number (in this case AGR), enter it. Otherwise, click the ellipsis to select from the list of existing clauses.

Click Go to advance to the Text Information section where you can add/edit/remove lines.

Find the line number(s) for the text you want to insert your new text after. Press the “Insert” button to add a new line to the clause. The new line will appear at the bottom of the display.

Enter your new text and enter a line number between the existing lines of text, where you want your new text to appear.

Press the “Save” to commit your changes. Go back into the clause you just updated to make sure everything is in its proper place.

Using this form you can also edit, delete or copy existing lines by clicking in the desired line within the Clause Text Information section, then re-typing the text, clicking Delete or Copy.

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