Meet Me Call Conferencing

To Initiate the Conference (you will need to know your departments Meet Me Conference Code)

1. Activate speakerphone or pick up the handset.

2. Press the “MORE” softkey.

3. Press the “MeetMe” softkey.

4. Dial your assigned code.

5. Wait for attendees to join.

a. Press 1 to accept a new attendee or 2 to deny.


Instructions for callers

1. Dial one of the following numbers:

a. 330-325-2511 (Local)

b. 330-456-0025 (Canton)

c. 330-747-2247 (Youngstown)

d. 216-579-1181 (Cleveland)

e. 800-686-2511 (Toll Free)

2. When the attendant answers dial the assigned code.

3. When prompted clearly speak your name.

4. Wait while you are connected.

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