Process for Creating or Modifying Official University Reports or Data Extracts

An official University report or data extract is a report or file that will be used for:

  • mission critical decisions - for example, used in Admissions decisions, used to make decisions on compensation or staffing, etc.
  • reporting to the state, federal government, etc.
  • reporting to any external organization
  • publishing information to the public

The following participants are required in the creation or modification of these reports/extracts:

  • IT business analyst
  • IT developer(s)
  • Requestor
  • Representative(s) from the data owning department(s)

The following steps must occur:

  • Initial meeting with the requestor
  • Detailed requirements must be documented and approved via e-mail.
    • These should represent both the core group of constituents selected as well as for the data displayed on these individuals
  • A test plan must be created and approved via e-mail.
  • IT and the data owner representatives will work together to validate the report using the test plan.
  • The final report must be signed off on via e-mail.

** Notes**

  • A minimum of three weeks will be required for these requests - and the timing will vary based on the availability of those involved. Because many areas are short-staffed and single-threaded, this can cause additional delays.
  • As we are transitioning from Microsoft Access to Argos reports, IT strongly recommends that this same process is followed for reports or data extracts that are considered "official" and that are provided from Microsoft Access. This also applies to any reports that are being run from within Banner - regardless of whether they are standard, delivered reports or NEOMED modified reports.
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