Call Forwarding

If you are on campus:

To forward all calls to an alternate telephone or cell phone:

  • On your Cisco phone, press the Forward All button.
  • Dial the number as it would be dialed from your phone. I.E. 9 1 330 555 1212
  • You will hear a beep and the phone will display “Forwarded to <the number you entered>.

To cancel call forwarding:

  • Press the Forward Off button.
  • You will hear a single beep and the “Forwarded to” will disappear.


If you are off campus:

To forward your Cisco phone while off campus, use the Cisco telephone Self Care Portal.

  1. Make sure you are connected to VPN. Open a web browser to
  2. Login using your network username and password. This will be without

  1. Along the left side, click Call Forwarding.

  1. Find your extension and place a check mark in the ‘Forward all calls to:’ box. Click the down arrow and select ‘Add a new number’.

  1. In the box, type in the number you would like to forward to as it would be dialed on campus. Make sure you enter a 9 and 1 if long distance. Press save.

  1. Forwarding has been setup. To cancel, simply uncheck the ‘Forward all calls to’ check box and click save.


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