Microsoft 365 - Outlook - Student Organization Email and Collaboration


With Office 365, Groups allow student organizations to easily collaborate amongst members and communicate within or outside of the group via email.

Office 365 Groups

  • Provide a shared area for Conversations (email), Files, Calendar and a Notebook.
  • Automatically provide a group email address that can be easily used to send messages to all Group members. (ex.
  • Can be set up and managed by the organization leader(s): Office 365 Groups

**It is important for the Group leader(s) to add incoming members to the Group and designate the new Group Owner(s). This should be done each year as part of the transition to the new leaders.


  • When you set up a new Group, you may need to open a Help Desk ticket if the Group needs to accept emails from someone outside of NEOMED, use this link: Office 365 App Support - OneDrive, Skype, Groups, ...
  • When Group members are added, if they need permission to send mail as the group (instead of having the message come from the person), a Help Desk ticket is required to request that. Office 365 App Support - OneDrive, Skype, Groups, ... Microsoft doesn't currently provide a way for the Group owners to designate "Send As" permissions.
  • To send a message on behalf of the Group:
    • Go to your Group within the Mail app.
    • Go to the Conversations section and click New to start a new conversation (email).
    • Click on Show From below the message body.

Once the From box displays, you should have the ability to change it to



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