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Setting up the Library Printers - MAC Computer

In order to use the Library printers from a MAC computer, you must go through a few initial steps to set them up:

Prior to this install - you will need to know which Mac operating system you are running - the software install varies based on your operating system.
Users with
Mac OSX 10/11/El Capitan or above will follow the instructions below, but will need to download the appropriate files when prompted.

  • Copy the files needed from the Print Server to your computer
  • You may need to uninstall the older version of Equitrac
  • Install Equitrac
  • Install the Konica Minolta printer drivers - and add the Library printers


**Please note that the steps required may vary depending on the configuration of your machine**

**You must be on campus in order to go through these steps**


Copy the Files from the Print Server to your computer:

From Finder, select Go, then Connect to Server.

Type smb://ps1 for the Server Address, then click Connect.

You will be prompted for a Name and Password to connect to the server:

  • Name = your Office 365/Active Directory username
  • Password = your Office 365/Active Directory password

Click Connect

Select Equitrac MAC client, then click OK

Select and drag to copy the appropriate file and folder to your desktop (icons may appear different than what is shown below):

Equitrac Express MacOSX 10.10 (or below)


Equitrac Express MacOSX 10.11El Capitan (or above)


PPD Drivers



Double click the appropriate file – it will extract to a new folder on your desktop.


Open the new folder - you should see the following:


**NOTE** If you are installing an upgraded version, you must first uninstall the current version on your machine. Otherwise, if you are a new student installing Equitrac for the first time, skip down to the Install steps.

To Uninstall Equitrac:

Open the Uninstall folder and double-click to run the EQUinstall file.

Click Run


You will be prompted for a username/password. This should be your local computer account and the username should already be filled in. Enter your password and click OK.


You should get an Uninstall succeeded message. Click OK


To Install Equitrac:

Go to the Equitrac Express MacOS folder on your desktop.


Run the Equitrac_Express_MacOSX.mpkg file.

At the Install Equitrac Express prompt, click Continue

At the Welcome to the Equitrac Express Installer window, click Continue


At the Destination Select window, click Continue

At the Installation Type window, click Install to select a Standard Install


You will be prompted for a username/password. This should be your local computer account and the username should already be filled in. Enter your password and click OK.

Click Install Software


Once you see the Installation was successful screen, click Close.

You should now have the Equitrac icon (EQLoginController)

If it doesn’t show in the dock, re-run the Equitrac_Express_MACOSX.mpkg file and it should appear.

Ensure that EQLoginController is set to Open at Login. To do this, hold down on the icon until the menu appears. Choose Options, then select Open at Login.


Install the Konica Minolta print drivers:

Go back to the Equitrac Express MAC OS 10 folder on your desktop and run the EQPrinterUtilityX

Select File, New Printer

In the New Printer dialog, type in the DRE Address, then select Get Printers.


For the Printer: Select Follow-You from the drop-down list

For PPD: Click Select… and go to Desktop, then the PPD Drivers folder:

Open the C654e folder

Click KO754UX.ppd, then click Choose

Your New Printer dialog box should look like the following:

Click OK.

To confirm that your printer was added successfully, go to Printers & Scanners and confirm that Follow-You is in the Printers list:


When you send a document to the printer, you should receive the following Equitrac Express pop-up:

Enter your BannerID (Student ID) without the @ sign in the ID field and click OK. No password is required.






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