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Student ID Pairing with Konica Minolta Printers

 ** This is a 1-time process. Once your badge is paired, you will just tap your badge to log in to any machine – you will no longer have to enter your Banner/Student ID at the machine, however you will need to re-pair if you get a new badge **

**Note**  It is only necessary to pair your badge on one machine. Once it is successfully paired, it will work on all machines on campus.


TOUCH User ID box ENTER Your USER NAME (e-mail without


TOUCH Password box ENTER your printing/Office 365 password. If you have already changed the default password, use the password you've chosen, otherwise the default is your

birthdate in the format below - be sure to include the n and !

 nmmddyyyy!        (touch shift to find !)



TOUCH NEOMED ID CARD in marked area below the printer authentication screen.

(Authentication screen will reset to available tools when the card is properly read.)











Your NEOMED ID is now paired with the printing system and ready for use.


 ***Remember to always LOG OUT of the printing system by PRESSING the ACCESS KEY

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