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The recommended method for printing from a MAC is web or mobility printing - please try these instructions first: Mobile Printing - PaperCut

If this isn't sufficient for your needs, then below are alternative instructions.

**NOTE** Due to the number of variables and the fact that MAC machines are not under IT control and do not have a standard configuration, these instructions may not be exact and are just guidelines.

Install Printer Drivers

  • Click on desktop then go to “Go” in the top menu bar
  • Select connect to server, enter smb:// then enter your NEOMED credentials
  • Select “MAC drivers” and click ok
  • Depending on the model of your printer, install the appropriate driver PKG files from the share. These vary by model so be sure to look at your printer to confirm the model.
  • Copy files to desktop, and install the driver pkg files.

Install Printer (Install Drivers first)

  • Open system preferences, printers, click add, select advanced** (read next line).
  • If there is no advanced button, control click on menu bar, customize
  • Drag advanced button up to the above menu bar.
  • Select Type: Windows Printer via spools
  • Leave Device: as it is
  • URL: smb://    (where ## is the printer number you are trying to add)
  • Name: printer##   (where ## is the printer number you are trying to add)
  • Location: can be left blank since these move frequently
  • Under “Use:”  click “select software”, find the appropriate Konica Minolta C454e, C458, C3851FS or 3850 driver.
  • Click Add, the finisher options are listed below.
  • Select finisher options from the chart below.

Printer Finisher Options

The last step of the printer setup should have asked for the finisher settings. If you missed the last step, you can modify the finisher options by accessing System Preferences, Printers and Scanners, Select a printer, Options & Supplies, Options Tab.

If an option is not specified, use the default option.


Function Version

Paper Source


Post Inserter

Punch Z-Fold




Unit 2







PF-P13 (Tray2)










PK-520 (2/3)





FS536 + SD-511


PK-520 (2/3)





FS-536 + SD-511


PK-520 (2/3)


Printing Presets

  • MAC default print settings appear to be color and duplex.
  • It is recommended to create presets for common settings (single sided, black & white, etc).
  • When in any program that can print, select print, show details (if they aren’t showing).
  • Change layout to printer features. Select “Feature Sets.”
  • Finishing options 1 contains “Print Type” which can be set to 1-sided.
  • Finishing options 3 contains “Select Color” which can be set to gray scale.

Install Papercut (ONLY if they need multiple billing/department codes)

  • Click on the desktop, then go to “Go” in the top menu bar.
  • Select connect to server, enter  smb:// then enter your NEOMED credentials
  • Select “PCClient”
  • Open the “mac” folder and double click “client-local-install”
  • When the security warning pops up click open.
  • Click the bouncing icon in the tray, you will be prompted to “Install PCClient into the Applications Folder?”
  • Select Yes to install papercut.
  • When prompted to login to papercut, use your neomed credentials.
  • Open system preferences.
  • Select “Accounts” or “Users and groups"
  • Select your account
  • Click login items
  • Click “+” and browse to PCClient and click “Add”
  • Contact a PaperCut administrator (, to allow billing code selections


Additional details and supporting documentation can be found at:


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