OneDrive Syncing

What is Syncing?

Syncing allows you to have copies of files and folders on both your local computer and in OneDrive – and allows you to edit in either location and will keep them synchronized. It is useful if you need the capability to work on documents offline (not connected to the internet and logged into OneDrive). Syncing is an optional, advanced option and is not required when using OneDrive.

**Note** The capability to open a document from OneDrive and edit it in Word on your machine is NOT syncing and is the standard functionality of OneDrive. Once you click Save and close Word, the file is saved back in its original OneDrive location. You can safely and effectively save or upload files to OneDrive from your computer without using syncing.


How do I Know if Syncing is Enabled?

If syncing is enabled on your computer, you will see a OneDrive folder within your Windows File Explorer. You should also see a OneDrive icon in your task bar on the lower right corner of your screen.


How do I Disable Syncing?

WARNING: Do not simply delete the OneDrive for Business folder. Deleting this folder without first turning off the sync client will delete all of your files. If you accidently delete your OneDrive for Business files please refer to the documentation on restoring files from the recycling bin to get your files back.

  1. Right-click the OneDrive for Business icon in your taskbar.


  1. Select Stop syncing a folder…
  2. Select the OneDrive - Northeast Ohio Medical University folder.

  1. Click Stop syncing.
  1. Click OK on any popups which come up.
  2. Right click on the OneDrive for Business icon again and select Exit.

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