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Microsoft has announced that Skype for Business will be retired in July 2021 and that Microsoft Teams is the replacement for its chat and meetings capabilities. To prepare for this change, NEOMED is transitioning Skype for Business users to Microsoft Teams on July 19, 2021. Those using Skype for Business are encouraged to start using Microsoft Teams for chats, calls* and meetings as soon as feasible.

All NEOMED employees and students have access to Teams and will have the ability to use both services side by side until the transition to Microsoft Teams only.  Note: Consumer/personal Skype will continue to be available, and Zoom will not be affected by this transition.

*In this instance, "calls" refers to the Skype for Business calling feature, not telephone calls. Telephone calls are not impacted by the retirement of Skype for Business.

What will my experience be once NEOMED has switched to Microsoft Teams fully? 

When you launch Skype for Business, a new window will appear stating that "Your organization is now using Microsoft Teams!"

  • You will no longer be able to initiate chats, meetings, or calls in Skype for Business; You will need to start new chats in Microsoft Teams. Chat history from Skype for Business is not copied to Microsoft Teams.
    • As indicated in the screenshot, you will be able to start Skype for Business to join an already scheduled Skype for Business meeting or see past chat conversations.
  • The “Schedule a Meeting in Skype for Business” option will disappear from Outlook.          
  • You will receive all new incoming communications and chats (IMs) in Microsoft Teams. 
  • The Skype for Business client will remain on your computer and you can access past conversations and meeting recordings there. 

If you start Skype for Business, a new notification banner will appear stating, "Your IMs and calls are going to Microsoft Teams!" Clicking on the "Go to Teams" button will:

  • Install the Teams client if it is not already on your computer 
  • Prompt you to log into Teams if you are not already
  • Open the Teams client

What will happen to all my Skype for Business data (e.g. contacts, conversation history) once my account is transitioned to Teams? 

Your Skype for Business information will be available as follows:

  • If Conversation History is enabled, your past conversations, calls, and voicemails can be viewed from your Conversation History folder in Outlook. Past conversations can also be accessed in the Skype for Business Client. 
  • Your Skype for Business contacts will be available in Teams under the Calls tab. 
  • Your Skype for Business meetings will be migrated to Teams meetings and can be accessed from your Outlook calendar or from the Meetings tab in Teams. 
  • Your Skype for Business meeting recordings can be accessed by launching the Skype for Business client, clicking on Settings, and selecting Manage Recordings. 

Want to learn more about Microsoft Teams?

If you would like to learn more about some of the limits, specifications, and other requirements that apply to Teams, please refer to Microsoft's Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams article.

Various training opportunities are available within the NEOMED Success Center:

For those without access to the NEOMED Success Center, the following Microsoft trainings are available below:

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