ARGOS 5.0 Upgrade

ARGOS 5.0 is a recent upgrade that brings about an updated interface and an enhanced report searching capability. To assist with this upgrade, below are screenshots of the updated interface. Please note that your report access, permissions and login information remains the same as the current system.

When you arrive to a particular report, you will notice that the panel on the right side has also undergone a re-design. Depending on your access in ARGOS, you will see the available actions you have. To run a report, you will still press the ‘Run Report’ button as before, but the location/design has been changes (as seen highlighted below in red).

The notes section, which existed previously, is now more prominent. This section can contain any history or information of changes to the datablock/reports, provided by the designers of the datablock/reports.

If you encounter any issues while using the system or any questions related to this upgrade, please submit a TeamDynamix ticket: Argos Questions or Issues


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