Accessing the NEOMED Shared Drives Remotely - MAC

Be sure you have the VPN installed and you are connected. - Instructions for MAC installation

Connect to VPN using the green world icon:

Go to Finder - click on Go

Then connect to server towards the bottom of the list

The servers that you have connected to will either be shown clearly in the window or when you click on the icon on the right in this screen shot:


  • Connection takes a little time depending on your computer or network provider.
  • Once connected you should be able to expand the folders to access the files/folders that you have access to.


**IMPORTANT** If you are not on a NEOMED-supplied computer, the computer you are using must be current on software updates and running anti-virus software. In addition, you should be on a secured network (ex. secure wireless network at a hotel, not an unsecured guest network). If you use a computer that is not current on software updates and anti-virus - or you are not on a secured network, you will be responsible for any problems introduced into the NEOMED network that are traced back to your machine or username.

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