Accessing NEOMED Shared Drives Remotely (Windows)

Be sure you have the VPN installed and you are connected. - Instructions for Windows installation

To connect to the NEOMED shared drives:

  • If you have a NEOMED-provided laptop, the drives you need should already be mapped and accessible. (This is the preferred method)
  • If you are not using a NEOMED-provided computer (ex. personal computer):
    • In the Start menu search bar or file explorer  address bar
  • You will be prompted for your NEOMED credentials:
    • Enter NEOUCOM\username for the Username
    • Enter your Office 365/Active Directory password for the Password

**IMPORTANT** If you are not on a NEOMED-supplied computer, the computer you are using must be current on software updates and running anti-virus software. In addition, you should be on a secured network (ex. secure wireless network at a hotel, not an unsecured guest network). If you use a computer that is not current on software updates and anti-virus - or you are not on a secured network, you will be responsible for any problems introduced into the NEOMED network that are traced back to your machine or username.

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